Michael Dinich | Your Go-To Geek for More Than Money

Michael Dinich is a journalist, personal finance expert, and a true geek at heart.

Michael founded Wealth of Geeks in 2017, has 20 years of experience in the personal finance industry, and he’s the executive producer of the Wealth of Geeks podcast.

He’s known for his relatable financial advice and passionate discussions about all things geek.

Michael Dinich

Who is Michael Dinich?

Say hello to Michael Dinich, a journalist and money expert and who’s not like the rest. He’s more than just a personal finance expert – he loves to geek out about all kinds of topics that he’s passionate about, and he invites you to do the same.

Michael has over 20 years of personal finance experience, helping people reach their retirement dreams. He believes in giving holistic advice because people are multi-faceted and life’s issues don’t happen in a bubble.

He aims to help people live better, more fulfilling, more interesting lives, where they work toward their financial goals, but pursue their passions and have fun along the way.

Michael has been blending his financial savvy with his love for all things geeky since founding Wealth of Geeks in 2017. His approach to personal finance is as unique as it is effective, turning the often daunting world of money management into an engaging and enjoyable journey.

Michael’s Journey

After graduating from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, Michael began his career helping people plan their golden years. It was a lot of hard work and long hours, but it gave him a deep understanding of finances. He learned a lot about helping folks manage their money.

Michael Invites You to Geek Out With Him

At the core of Michael’s work is his belief that geek culture is about more than just hobbies or interests; it’s about passion. Whether discussing the intricacies of personal finance, delving into the latest video game release, or analyzing a cult classic film, Michael brings the same level of excitement and dedication. His approach is about sharing knowledge and celebrating the things we love and how they can positively impact our lives, including our financial well-being.

The Wealth of Geeks Journey

  • 2017: The birth of Wealth of Geeks
  • The Mission: To make personal finance relatable and fun
  • The Vision: Helping people live more fulfilling lives while balancing financial goals with passions

Why Wealth of Geeks? Michael founded Wealth of Geeks with a clear goal: to help people live better, more interesting lives. He understands that life is not just about reaching financial milestones but also about pursuing passions and having fun along the way. This philosophy is at the core of everything he does at Wealth of Geeks.

Holistic Financial Advice: Life Beyond Numbers

Michael believes in holistic financial advice. He knows that life isn’t just about the numbers in your bank account. It’s about the dreams you chase, the hobbies you indulge in, and the little joys that make life worth living. From where to travel to where to invest, every decision intertwines with your financial health and overall well-being.

Live the Dream, Now and Tomorrow

All of Michael’s content is based around these ideals:

  • The Retirement Dream: It’s not just about the money; it’s about the lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the Journey: You should enjoy your life now while working towards your future.
  • Balanced Living: Experience enough of your dreams today without compromising your goals.

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